Xcelus will be in Dallas for the ASTD 2013 International Conference and Exposition. Xcelus will be demoing their new online learning portal, XPortal. Click here to see our booth location


The Xcelus learning portal, XPortal, is designed to be beautifully simple in its ease of use. All of a company’s learning programs can be accessed with just a couple of clicks: simple, effective, powerful, plus it’s mobile.


Learning programs can accessed with just three clicks. The frustration of trying to navigate a complicated site is replaced with finger-tip access to learning.

It's SocialSocial

Employees can share and recommend books, articles, courses, TED® Videos, Kahn Academy® Videos, or any other learning content they believe is useful or interesting. Employees can also follow other employees to see what they learning they have completed or Learning that they have recommended. Learning is more enjoyable when it’s shared or recommended by peers. All this helps foster an learning community at work.


Access to the site is seamless across multiple platforms: desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones, including, iPhones® and iPads®. Employees can access the site from anywhere on their mobile devices. They can easily share what they are learning with others.


XPortal provides learning managers with powerful analytics. They can see who the top users are, who has the most followers, which courses are rated highest, and who has completed assigned work plus much more.  Video courses are delivered on a robust, rock solid global network.

Xportal is light years ahead of everything else including many Learning Management Systems. The only way to truly understand much it will do for your company’s training programs is to try it out. Contact Xcelus to see how XPortal and how it can be utilized to go beyond traditional training to creating an active, vibrant culture of learning in your company.


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