Corporate training is essential, and while it’s crucial for businesses, the reality is that it can be a bit monotonous. Training Gamification can breathe new life into your corporate training programs. Making the training experience more fun and interactive, keeping employees engaged and motivated throughout the entire process.

Some of the benefits of using game-like elements in corporate training include:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Greater Motivation
  • Improved retention

There are several ways that you can add gamification to your corporate training. Here are a few ideas:

  • Gamified quizzes
  • Gamified courses
  • Gamified tasks

For more details about Gamification benefits, visit our blog Adding Gamification to Your Compliance Training

If your company is looking to add gamification to your training mix, it is best to start out with simple game concepts familiar to your employees.

Below are two simple gamification concepts that could be customized to your organization:

Xcelus Odyssey Training Gamification Platform

If you are looking to break up the typical training course or follow up on a previous training course to remind employees, Xcelus’ Odyssey Platform is your solution.  The Odyssey platform uses scenarios with questions for the employees. It could easily be used for compliance training, sales training, or any other training topic.

Compliance Odyssey sample below uses compliance scenarios and is SCORM compliant

Select your avatar and you’re ready for launch.  Employees go through 6 scenarios on gifts and entertainment, anticompetitive practices, global trade, and much more! Employees need to answer at least 5 of the 6 questions to successfully fuel their rocket and complete their training. With each correct answer, your rocket fuel gauge increases.  Two or more incorrect answers, and let’s just say we’ll have to phone ahead to Houston and let them know we have a problem. With each correct answer, your rocket fuel gauge increases.  Click here to play Xcelus Compliance Odyssey