Questions to Narrow the Scope of the Video Project

When planning a video production project, a video production vendor might ask a few questions about the video project. The answers help the video production vendor get a feel for the type production value needed to create a perfect video. This information also narrows the scope of the video project, so an accurate quote for the video project can be developed.

The following are typical scoping questions (with a few possible answers) a video production company might ask you to identify the scope of a video project:

  1. What is the purpose of the video?
  2. What do you want the video to achieve?
    • Educate and train
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Go viral
    • Launch a new product or service
    • Lead generation/Attract new customers
  3. Who is your target audience?
    • Who will watch the video?
    • Why will they watch the video?
    • Where will they find or see the video?
    • How will the video be delivered?
  4. What do you expect the audience to do after watching the video? (Call to action)
    • Fill out a form
    • Pick up the phone to call
    • Go to a landing page
    • Forward the video to friends
    • Add video to social networking sites
    • Purchase a product, click a buy button
    • Download whitepapers
    • Perform a task (i.e. how to install something
  5. Where will the video be seen or hosted?
    • Web
    • Social networking sites (YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace)
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Tradeshows
    • Your web video platform
    • Email link
    • With other videos in a playlist
  6. Will the video be part of a larger presentation or stand alone?
  7. Will there be any accompanying literature/brochures/white papers posted with the video?
  8. Describe the content:
    • Provide a description of content/key messages which you want the video to get across?
    • What metaphors could be used?
    • What analogies could be used?
    • Without using words, what 10 images could describe your video’s story?
  9. What is the target video length?
  10. What style and format?
    • Documentary – Informative program with a voice-over narration accompanying the visuals
    • Lecture – Visuals, usually with narration or presenter
    • TV Magazine – Presenter provides information in different sections, in a lively and informal style
    • News – Presenter provides information on different topics, in a formal style
    • Drama or role-play reconstruction – A story (fact or fiction) produced using actors to play the characters. A reconstruction may also have a supporting narration
    • Product trailer/elevator pitch – Short 1-2 minute video
    • Motion graphics – Narration voiceover with animations, images, and text
    • Animation/Cartoon
    • Customer testimonial
    • Corporate Officer Executive Presentation
  11. Describe the overall “tone” of the video?
    • High Energy/Medium Energy/Low Energy
    • Persuasive
    • Informative
  12. What production elements are required?
    • On-screen presenter
    • Voice-over narration
    • Corporate officer (CEO, VP, Director)
    • Talent (for role plays, reconstructions, professional presenters, etc.)
    • Customers for testimonial
    • Graphics (charts, diagrams, bullet-points, etc.)
    • Music
    • Key photos/2D and 3D images
    • Animation
  13. Is there a sample video online that is similar to what you want to create?
  14. What is the development time line?
    • When can the planning and scripting process start?
    • What is the deadline date for the finished video product?
  15. What is your budget range?
    • Unlimited
    • Guess

Once these questions are answered, a video production vendor should be able to give a quote for producing the video project.

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