Compliance Training Courses by Xcelus in our “Simple Animation” format

Why compliance training? Compliance courses define the company’s values, objectives and provide guidance to the responsibilities of the employees. They should be the cornerstone of your training programs.  A solid compliance training program can help companies improve business relationships by providing a healthier work climate for employees and establishing a public image of good behavior. Companies may also limit their legal liability from poor employee performance through creating a culture of compliance through continuous compliance training.

Why simple animation?  Most of our clients like to take our core course and customize it to their specific company compliance policies.  Simple Animation allows for easy customization whether you are changing a few items or starting from scratch.  Simple Animation courses are available in Colorful Characters, Chalkboard or Blueboard. All Xcelus online training courses are available in HTML5 SCORM format for your LMS or video format.

Code of Conduct

Compliance training begins with the Code of Conduct

Implementing a culture of compliance begins with your company’s code of conduct and business ethics. The Xcelus Code of Conduct online training course serves as a starting block to bring awareness to specific compliance policies and procedures. The online training course reviews the principles, values, standards and rules of behavior to help guide the decisions of the employees, directors and officers of your organization.

View sample Code of Conduct course below: 


Custom Code of Conduct training course

Xcelus can also create a custom Code of Conduct compliance training course for your employees.  Many of these custom courses have won industry awards for training development.  Start with Xcelus’ compliance training scripts add some graphic designs, record narration audio, translate, publish out for your LMS.