Basic Compliance Courses by Xcelus in our “Simple Animation” format

Why simple animation?  Most of our clients like to take our core course and customize it to their specific company compliance policies.  Simple Animation allows for easy customization whether you are changing a few items or starting from scratch.  Simple Animation courses are available in Chalkboard or Blueboard. All Xcelus online training courses are available in SCORM format for your LMS or video format for your mobile devices.

Code of Conduct

Compliance begins with the Code of Conduct

View sample Code of Conduct courses below:

Custom Code of Conduct training course

Xcelus can also create a custom Code of Conduct for your employees.  Many of these custom courses have won industry awards for training development:


Your reputation is on the line with all of your business transactions.

Business operates on relationships but maintaining those relationships without crossing the line into activity that the SEC defines as improper or even criminal will require an employee base that is both vigilant and well-informed.

Export Controls

Export Controls Training

Export control laws are U.S. federal laws and regulations that regulate the export of strategically important products, services and technologies to foreign persons. The importance of these laws has increased significantly in recent years with the rise in international terrorism and the threat of weapons of mass destruction. Companies should be concerned with Export Control laws because failure to comply may result in serious criminal and civil penalties.

Data Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy Training Course

Corporations handle a wide variety of data while conducting daily business activities. This data is valuable and, in the case of personal data, the use of that data is highly regulated.

Social Media

Social Media Policy training

If your company allows the use social media, do the employees know the details of you social media policy?

Insider Trading

Insider Trading Online Compliance Training

You have heard of insider trading. You have read the news. But what is insider trading, really? Would you recognize it if you saw it?

Compliance Guy Animation