Compliance Courses Everyone Can Understand

You need to make sure everyone in your company is on the same page.  Maybe most of your employees speak English or speak it as a second language. Do you still need to translate your compliance courses?  If just one person isn’t clear on your procedures, rules, and processes, it can severely threaten your company’s success and even your employees’ safety.  That’s why we not only offer Compliance course development but course translation services as well.

Xcelus provides translation services for all of the courses we develop, including…

  • Translation project management
  • Full-text translation – narration script and onscreen text
  • Translator management
  • Audio talent management
  • Audio record and edit

Xcelus translators are…

  • Experienced translators
  • Native speakers
  • Live in the country of the language being translated

The typical cost to translate a second language including audio talent recording and editing is estimated at 30-45% of the original language course price.

Antitrust micro-learning module and related translations below

Italian Translation

French Translation