Compliance training doesn’t have to end when the course ends!

Compliance Reminder videos provide training and exposure to on-going reinforcement of individual employee’s compliance training. Compliance Reminder videos are short 1-2 minute reminder videos that are scenario based about a variety of compliance training subjects. Compliance reminders videos allow compliance departments to re-engage with employees creating a compliance touch point to remind employees about specific compliance policies using hypothetical workplace scenarios.

View a sample Compliance Reminder videos below:

Why Compliance Reminder videos?

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

While great training can make a difference, delivering your training inconsistently will not necessarily create a culture of learning Compliance Reminder videos can be emailed to your employees for them to watch anytime on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. They can also be incorporated into a classroom training session or an online training course.

89% more likely to be retained. Also, the International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distant Learning, states that information presented in text form has a 23% retention rate, which goes up to 65% when graphics are added and 80% when audio is added. Compliance Reminder videos:

  • pique employees interest in compliance policies through workplace scenarios
  • reinforces information transfer of compliance policies and standard operation procedures (SOP)
  • increase awareness of your company’s core values and code of conduct

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