We conclude our series on how to create and maintain a culture of compliance with recognition of the rapidly changing world of contemporary business.

What was true six months ago may not be an adequate description of today’s business environment. That’s why the department responsible for communications and training on compliance issues must stay ahead of the changes – both internally and externally. Continuous updates could easily overwhelm the average employee unless they are structured and incorporated into simple, social, mobile, and powerful policy statements.

Continuous Updates
Among the best tools that companies have in distributing information about changes and updates to the policies is through computer-based trainings. Computer-based trainings are effective, engaging, and most importantly, measurable. It can reach the biggest audience in the shortest time and be updated in a central location before it is distributed across the company.

With the rise of the millennial employee comes the rise of mobile devices. Updates delivered by app are also effective as they allow for simple and verifiable reporting, assuring that employees understand the changes.

The Best Defense
This series has examined how to motivate employees through continuous communication, how to be proactive rather than reactive through continuous training, and why continuous updates must be managed carefully to prevent compliance overload. A company with a culture of compliance is better positioned to adapt quickly when the unexpected happens and make course corrections along the way. In today’s business environment of 24 hour news cycles and social media dependencies, issues and stories can evolve quicker than management can respond to them. A culture of compliance is a company’s best defense.